From photography and film direction to brand design and strategic marketing implementation, Owen Garrity’s career in marketing has allowed him to gain experience in a variety of fields. This experience shapes his interactions with clients and partners and defines the work they accomplish together.

Owen Garitty’s penchant for visual storytelling has shaped his life and career. What began as an aptitude for photography has surpassed the confines of any single craft — extending into film direction, brand design, and strategic marketing implementation. Garitty’s repertoire currently ranges from creative direction at FPW Media to international business consulting, speaking on marketing and branding, and real estate investment. 

Garitty got his first camera at ten, won his first photography award at thirteen, and began working professionally as a product photographer for clients in Portland, Oregon, by the age of fifteen. His work on product catalogs, design, and brand identity — as well as photography and film production — quickly garnered him a client base of national and international consultancies. He has since amassed over twenty years of experience bridging the gap between industry and creativity. 

In 2013, Garitty directed Lionhearted, an award-winning and critically acclaimed documentary film and multimedia project that elevates the combat experiences and stories of veterans, focusing on their post-war lives and emphasizing the need for a sustained platform through which to relay their stories. The film’s moving visuals, composed of interviews juxtaposed with combat footage, highlight the profound and moving realities of many of our nation’s heroes.

As a regular traveler for both business and pleasure, Garitty finds inspiration in exploring new places while also staying busy as a consultant, importation specialist, and designer for large-scale manufacturing and production companies in India, Asia, and beyond.

Frequently lending his expertise in creative strategy to others in the field, Garitty regularly keynotes on marketing, brand representation, and emerging concepts in consumer goods. His investments in real estate keep him traveling up and down the West Coast, where he has worked with commercial real estate, hotel and hospitality properties, and more.

Garitty finds plenty of time and opportunity to give back: he has held positions on the Board of Directors of Forests Today & Forever, as well as memberships with the Media Arts Advisory Committee for Lane Community College and the Marketing Advisory Board for the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce.

No matter the job, Garitty’s profound understanding of the millennial zeitgeist makes him an invaluable asset in a new media landscape. When he isn’t overseeing brand vision and implementation for private and publicly traded companies at FPW, Garitty can be found boxing, enjoying craft coffee, or gardening organic fruits and vegetables.

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