Whether you need a marketing expert for your next panel or a keynote speaker on behalf of your brand, Owen can shed light on trends and advancements in the industry.

Owen Garitty isn’t afraid to tell the hard truths. As the Founder & Lead Creative of FPW Media, the “un-agency” created to take a non-traditional approach to creative marketing, Owen has always looked beyond what’s expected to find what’s most effective. He started taking photos when he was only 15 years old and has served as an entrepreneur and business owner since 2013.

What began as an aptitude for photography for Owen has extended into film direction, brand design, and strategic marketing implementation. Now, Owen frequently lends his expertise in creative strategy to others in his field by giving keynotes on marketing, speaking of his experience on podcasts, and giving in-depth interviews. Owen’s repertoire currently ranges from creative direction at FPW to international business consulting, speaking on marketing and branding, and real estate investment.

Included in Owen’s experience is the award-winning and critically acclaimed documentary film and multimedia project, Lionhearted, which he directed in 2018. This film elevates the combat experiences and stories of veterans, focusing on their post-war lives and emphasizing the need for a sustained platform through which to relay their stories.

Owen and the team at FPW Media were recognized by Adweek in 2020 as number 23 of the top 100 fastest-growing marketing agencies. And two years later in 2022, they were ranked 45th in Adweek’s 75 fastest-growing agencies.

Owen can give interviews or speeches in any medium to speak on his experience as a professional in the industry. If you are interested in hiring Owen to speak at an event or for your project, fill out the form below.