As a brand consultant and founder of a fast-growing marketing agency, Owen Garitty’s career has provided him with rich lessons and experiences. These articles offer his marketing advice, industry insights, and strategies to help your brand thrive.

  • Think Outside the Conference Room   5 Benefits of walking meetings  Many executives spend hours looking for ways to improve their team’s productivity, creativity, collaboration, and workplace health. Recent studies show, walking meetings may be a simple solution to improve outcomes in each of these key areas. Walking meetings convert […]

  • Sleep, the Overlooked Leadership Tool As the founder of FPW Media, I faced a range of unexpected challenges in the early years of the company. I knew starting a new marketing agency would require hard work and perseverance. I considered the logistical, financial, and strategic aspects of this new venture […]

  • Connected TV advertising, or CTV advertising, is an undiscovered marketing tool for many brands. While traditional ads are shown on cable TV, CTV ads are shown exclusively through streaming and online platforms with a connection to the internet. CTV ads can appear as the same advertisement shown on linear television, […]

  • When FPW Media received a request from Papé to develop an advertisement for use on connected television services (CTV), Owen Garrity stepped in to ensure the project achieved maximum success. As Founder and Lead Creative of FPW, Owen stays on the cutting-edge of new ad technology. His knowledge of CTV […]

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