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Our soldiers — the lionhearted — should be held in our highest esteem for their service. This project is our way to venerate our warriors, and through them all those who have served to defend this great land, our United States of America.

Purple heart recipient, Shane Ruiz, and US Air Force Veteran, Shawn Ganther, and I will use our filmmaking and painting abilities to artistically render twenty-four stories of strength, power and courage for Americans across the country to witness and honor. Eventually, we hope that this tribute will be exhibited at the Pentagon Art Exhibit and these soldiers’ stories permanently enshrined in our nation’s history.

I am tremendously grateful to work with Shane and Shawn on this project and for their military service. The ambition and definiteness of purpose of their initiative to celebrate the tremendous endurance of our American warriors — the self-reliance and discipline of their minds, bodies and spirits — infuses me with great confidence and pride. On behalf of the Lionhearted team, it is an honor to work on this project for our families, our friends, our nation and our warriors.

To learn more and follow the journey of the Lionhearted, reach out to Owen or join him on his Instagram.


“Directing Lionhearted has been a humbling and eye opening experience. Any project that takes a year to film forces a closeness to the subject matter, but Lionhearted became a part of me in a way I could not have imagined. As the only non veteran attached to the project, I felt an immense responsibility to each veteran who blessed me with their story and to the 22 a day who are not able to tell theirs. For a brand to allow Co Director and Producer Shane Ruiz and myself to tell this story as it should be, raw and unfiltered, is unprecedented. We aimed to capture each story as it is, free from any agenda or motive and give a platform to our warriors, the Lionhearted. To all of you who shared your experiences with me, I am eternally grateful for the privilege to tell your story.”

– Owen Garitty

“This is what it looks like to truly listen and uplift the stories of our modern day Veteran. Lionhearted is a must see. BRAVO Safariland!”

– American Legion

“Bone Chilling! What an incredible tribute to our Veterans”

– Recoil Magazine

“Raw, unfiltered story of the American War Fighter told in the most real way possible. This hits the soul!”

– North American Rescue