As a brand consultant and founder of a fast-growing marketing agency, Owen Garitty’s career has provided him with rich lessons and experiences. These articles offer his marketing advice, industry insights, and strategies to help your brand thrive.

  • Recently, Microsoft announced plans to integrate its AI chatbot, ChatGPT into the Bing search engine. Similarly, Google announced plans to use its chatbot, Bard within the Google search engine in 2023. These steps mark the beginning of a seismic shift in marketing and advertising tactics within the paid search space.  […]

  • Customer profiles, also known as buyer personas, are a crucial part of an successful online marketing strategy. Well-crafted personas can help you better understand your audience and improve your communication outcomes. To use customer profiles in your brand’s communications, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what customer profiles […]

  • When it comes to tradeshows, there are dozens of important elements that go into creating a successful booth for your brand. From finding an eyecatching design to developing the proper booth layout, each piece needs to support your brand’s overall presence and marketing goals for the event. Yet, there are […]

  • Think Outside the Conference Room   5 Benefits of walking meetings  Many executives spend hours looking for ways to improve their team’s productivity, creativity, collaboration, and workplace health. Recent studies show, walking meetings may be a simple solution to improve outcomes in each of these key areas. Walking meetings convert […]

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