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When FPW Media received a request from Papé to develop an advertisement for use on connected television services (CTV), Owen Garrity stepped in to ensure the project achieved maximum success. As Founder and Lead Creative of FPW, Owen stays on the cutting-edge of new ad technology. His knowledge of CTV ads prompted him to recommend that Papé consider running an interactive CTV ad instead. 

The ability to interact with television advertisements generates countless opportunities for advertisers to engage with audiences and maximize the impact of their clients’ ad dollars. Papé had run traditional CTV ads but had not tested their interactive capability. Owen encouraged Papé to elevate their existing campaign with interactive elements to help them stand out among their competitors. He also recommended that Papé create a campaign to highlight all of its operating companies. This would establish Papé as a holistic, master brand instead of a segmented collection of companies. The result was an interactive CTV campaign that showcased Papé’s end-to-end solutions to users across the Hulu streaming platform. 

Papé’s advertisement aired on Hulu from November 2021 to February 2022 and attained a high degree of success relative to the performance of competitors’ interactive advertisements. The ad was presented to over 2.4 million users, 32,000 of whom engaged with it. The ad saw a 1.32% engagement rate, which is determined by the viewer’s first interaction with the ad such as pushing a button with their remote. The engagement rate of Papé’s interactive ad outperforms the industry benchmark of 0.6% by over 2 times. The ad received an average additional exposure time of 36.62 seconds. This denotes the extra time users spent interacting with the ad beyond the time frame that Papé initially purchased. 

Interactive CTV ad campaigns such as Papé’s enhance brand stickiness because they stand out to users who rarely experience them. By leveraging new technology to create a memorable ad experience, Papé’s ad reinforced the brand’s image as innovative and forward-thinking.