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To be a creative, you must travel.

It’s Sunday at 8:44 pm and I am currently writing this from Delta flight 2794 seat 11C. I am beyond stressed as my connection to Eugene has become extremely tight due to a late departure (reason unknown). Tomorrow is my usual busy day exacerbated by the fact that I have a new project manager starting. What will happen if I am not there in the morning? I wonder as the guy across the aisle pounds white wine after white wine. Who drinks that much terrible airplane wine… but I digress.

All that said, the net benefit of my work this week will be a positive one. Creative fatigue is something we all face. When forced to create for a living it’s easy to slide into an animated routine and cookie cutter workflow that produces mundane uninspired work. But by traveling you constantly give yourself fresh memories and snippets of inspiration. From the grand to the ordinary, experiences away from our daily routine can provide what is needed to produce creatively day after day.

Oh yeah, I made the flight with time to spare.